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Why use a secure temporary message service?

Well, the most imporatant reason: because Inspector Gadget uses them too! But in all seriousness, there are all kinds of reasons why people use temporary, self-destructing messages. Sometimes just for fun. You can use it in price winning contests (which of your followers responds the first?) or for more serious purposes. offers unlimited free and secure temporary messages. Take a look at our features list for more reasons why you should use it.

You can find our privacy policy here.

Frequently asked questions

How does this work?

Click the button below to create your own temporary message. You can specify some options (time before the message is destroyed or optional password) and that's it! After you've created the message it's encrypted and stored on our servers. Anyone with the unique link to your message (and optionally the password) can open the message and view it. After it has been viewed it's deleted from our servers never to be recovered again.

Is it also possible to do (insert feature here)?

At the moment we try to keep as simple and cool as possible. But if an additional functionality is really helpful or if a lot of people would like to see it added to the service, we might consider it. Please use the contact form below for this.

How long are the messages stored?

Messages that are read are securely destroyed right away. Messages that are not read before their expiry time are destroyed too. After a message has been destroyed there's no way to recover it. Not by us or anyone. Gone is gone.

Are there any restrictions?

Not really. Just make sure you don't do any illegal stuff with it. We'll never give any of our data to third parties and have never even been asked to do so, but we would like to keep offering this service so please behave.

How many messages have you guys been processing?

A lot. We don't go into details, but please see our stats section for some basic average stats.

Can I delete the message that I created?

Sure you can, you just have to visit the unique link to your temporary message and view it. Just make sure you do it before anyone else does!

Do you also offer a whitelabeled version of

We do! You can use the service to have your own branded version of Send one time secrets or other types of self destructing messages to your users. Please click here for more information.

Is free?

Yep! And we hope to keep it that way. Preferably without ads too. You can help if you want by buying us a coffee:

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Here are some statistics!


No logging, no backups

All logs are disabled and no backups are made.

256-bit encrypted storage

All our messages are stored using 256-bit encryption. And another layer of encryption is added if you use a password.

Secure HTTPS connection

Everything is served over SSL!

Automatic destruction

If the messages are not read in time, they will be destroyed.

Optional QR codes

You can create a QR code from the link to your private self destructing message!

Optional passwords

You can add your own password to your message. The password is used for an extra layer of encryption on top of the default encryption we use for storing the message.

Privacy first! was build from the ground up with privacy in mind. We will do everything in our power to keep and your messages private and secure.

Bruteforce protection

If you have protected your message with a password we make sure brute force attacks are made impossible by destroying your message after 4 unsuccessful password attempts.

Servers based in The Netherlands

Our two small servers are based in The Netherlands (that's here). The Netherlands have pretty decent laws when it comes to privacy (ranked #3 here here) especially compared to other countries. Although we're considering moving our servers to Iceland.

Want to contact us?

Want to reach out to us? Have a feature you would like to see added to the service? Or want to meet up? Please use the contact form below.